32000 Lumen Flashlight Led Portable Torch Flashlight


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32000 Lumen Flashlight Led Portable Torch Flashlight

If you love hiking, camping, running at night, or simply just having a night walk to clear your head. Or maybe you work on the night shift and you have to walk home at night. If you are any of these cases then you should think of getting a 32000 Lumen Flashlight. These flashlights have a great capability, they are amazingly powerful and the best part is they come in a comfortable size.

Everyone needs a 32000 Lumen Flashlight

Made with the best quality aluminum alloy grants this 32000 Lumen Flashlight a long-lasting, sturdy, waterproof, and smash resistant body. Which is perfect for those trips outdoors, in the wildness. Perfect for hiking, cycling, jogging. Or maybe just fishing, and camping enjoy nature at its most. But don’t ever feel afraid of the dark with this 32000 Lumen Flashlight. 

Easy to use and to maintain. Because it works with a Li-ion 18650 Rechargeable battery, you can say goodbye to spending hundreds of dollars a year in batteries. You just need to plug this battery to any USB port with the USB cable included. This flashlight can work up to 8 hours straight with a single charge. thanks to its power-saving technology. 

And above all that, this 32000 Lumen Flashlight comes with a great zooming system that will allow you to choose how long you want to focus your light. Perfect for reaching distances of up to 500 meters! This is the best flashlight in the market. 

Product Specifications:

  • Light source: XHP50.2
  • Appearance color: Black
  • Second gear mode: 100%-70%-50%-Flash-SOS
  • Size: 167mm × 40mm × 38mm
  • Power supply:   1 x 26650 battery or 1 x 18650 battery
  • Lighting time: 2-8 hours
  • Charging method: USB direct charge
  • Range:200 to 500 meters
  • Waterproof rating: IPX-6
  • Weight: 207g (without battery)
  • Material: T6063-T6 aviation aluminum

Package contains:

1x 32000 Lumen Flashlight Led Portable Torch Flashlight.

1x 18650 Rechargeable battery and a USB Cable


Customer Reviews

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Clear to the End of Our Two-Acre Field!

My husband was really skeptical as to whether this TINY flashlight could come through because we already have the same sized flashlight in another brand and he's very disappointed with that one and wanted to replace it. So he sent me on a mission. And every flashlight I showed him, he rejected because of its size. DO NOT let the size of this little flashlight fool you. This thing is AMAZING!!! Three thousand lumens is a LOT OF LIGHT!

My husband played with it the day we got it and he was THRILLED!!! But not at first. He turned it on INside the house and said, "I don't know..." still looking at the size of the thing. Then he took it OUTside.

He said that on the wide setting, the light reaches at least to the end of our 2-acre field and lights up the foliage pretty nicely in spots. (I could see that from the window, standing inside.) On the zoom setting, he said you could see the animals scurrying under the tree line. (Mmm, didn't really WANT to see that...)
I may upload pics later, but it's raining much too hard to go out and have fun with it right now.

Very bright, durable multifunction flashlight

I like the feel of it. It's comfortable in the hand.
It's really bright. Not sure it's 3000 lumens. But extremely bright.
> lit up the yard so the dog could hunt snails for the pictures.
It does get hot quickly. Charges well with the USB, but I picked up a 4 bay charger.
Good purchase.

Turns day into night

I bought this flashlight so I could see my black miniature dachshund in the yard at night. The brightness is amazing. You definitely do NOT want to shine this in someones eyes. Also be careful not to shine in neighbors windows LOL. We will also use it for camping. Comes with a hard plastic storage box and charge cord. Haven't owned it long enough to check battery life.

Great value!

This is a powerful sturdy fladhlight.

The big lithium ion rechargeable battery is a big step forward!

Time between charges, power output and discharge cycles in battery life are all much better with this large durable battery

The ability to use AAA batteries instead is a great option to have

This flashlight is quite a bargain at approx $50

I may buy several to give as gifts


This flashlight is soooo bright. I’m a security guard over night so This tool is a must have. This flashlight is the best I’ve ever had and it’s super cheap. I love it. The usb part where u plug the charger the cover to that came off but still functions. I just can’t get it wet now