8000 Lumens LED Flashlight Torch Powerful L2 flashlight


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If you are looking for quality and great luminosity, you need this 8000 lumens Led Torch Flashlight.

With is extended battery Life, it can deliver up to 6 hours of powerful and bright light. And Made of hard and consisten aluminum, and its IPX-6 waterproof coat, is resistant to water and any type of falls or scratchs. It can cope with all kinds of bad weathers.

With and in built Power Display, you can monitor your battery status in real time, so you know when to charge it and when is ready to go. And as it was built for the every day use, it has a Micro Usb interface, so you can charge it anywhere. Compatible with power banks, car chargers, wall chargers and even your computer.


  • Lamp life: 100,000 hours.
  • Made of aluminum.
  • Made with excellent quality materials.
  • Its lighting distance is more than 200 meters.
  • Long battery life.
  • Easy to use.
  • Portable, easy to carry, and store.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Has 5 light modes.
  • It has a strap to carry anywhere.
  • Charges via USB.

Don’t be fooled by other poor quality flashlights, and start using the flashlight that we bring for you.

Product Specs

  • Model Name: 1102
  • Beads:XM-L2 U3
  • 5 Modes: 100% – 70% – 50% – Strobe – SOS
  • Lamp Life:100,000 Hours
  • Case material:Durable aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Dimensions: 148mm (5.83inch) * 37mm (1.46inch) * 26mm (1.02inch)
  • Net Weight(g):A bout 130g
  • Lighting Distance: Above 200 meters
  • LED Life:More than 100000 hours ​
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