Flashlight Zoomable Torch Rechargeable Waterproof


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Flashlight Zoomable Torch Rechargeable Waterproof

We should always be prepared for anything. If you plan on traveling at night, or if you go cycling, hiking, or exploring and it gets dark. You should have a proper flashlight to guide your way. Nevertheless, we know flashlights can be expensive, big, and uncomfortable to carry. Which is why we are here to offer you this flashlight, better than any other flashlight in the market.

Not like any other Flashlight

This tactical flashlight specially made for active people. Because this flashlight has such an amazing power in the smallest size, you will be able to light up any scenario, hunt down any prey and never lose sight of your road. Made with the best quality aluminum alloy,  the same used for aircrafts. Provides this flashlight with a great durability. You will throw away your other Flashlight after seeing this product. Waterproof, smash resistant, USB rechargeable, with 3 different light modes. And with a great zoomable system perfect for keeping that prey in sight no matter how far it is.

Amazing power thanks to the V6 High-Brightness LED Chip

The best LED chip in the market is inside this powerful flashlight. There is nothing like this. Take for example, the images and see the brightness difference between this tactical flashlight’s power and others products. Like, let’s say, a Flashlight.

This flashlight comes with an integrated LED that changes its color depending on how much charge has left. This is a great tool if you are on long trips and you can save a little charge. But don’t be afraid! Thanks to this Flashlight being able to recharge on any USB port, you will charge it really easy.

Product Specifications:

LED Emitter: V6
Mode: 5-Modes (High – Medium – Strobe)
Lifespan: 100,000 Hours
Color: Black
Emitted Color: White Light
Lens: Convex Lens
Case Material: Durable aircraft-grade aluminum
Battery: 3 x AAA battery or 1 x 18650
Battery Charger: Input: AC110-220V 47-63H
Output: 3.7V; 450mAh
Battery Quality: 1pcs
Material: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 3.7V
Battery capacity: 1200mAh (real capacity, no falsehood)

Package Contains:

1x Flashlight + 1 x USB Charger + 1 x 18650 Battery + 1 x Car Charger + 1 x EU/US Plug