LED UV Flashlight Ultraviolet Torch With Zoom Function Mini UV Flashlight


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LED UV Flashlight Ultraviolet Torch With Zoom Function Mini UV Flashlight

See the world hidden under the simple sight with this LED UV Laser Flashlight. It is true that the UV lights of the sun have both beneficial and harmful effects on the human body. But UV light has many benefits and if everyone should have a LED UV Laser Flashlight at home. Detect dangerous creatures such as scorpions. Check for false cash and paper money. Clean your house perfectly by checking where are urine stains or splashes and so much more. 

Why everyone needs an LED UV Laser Flashlight?

There are many uses for a LED UV Laser Flashlight. Firstly, if you have a retail store and move tons of cash daily, you will want to fastly check every Dollar that passes through your hands. And one of the easiest and better ways to do that is to have a proper LED UV Laser Flashlight. If you live in desertic or arid climates, you have to always be careful with stepping or getting in contact with scorpions, snakes, and other poisonous animals. the good thing is that most of these dangerous animals have fluorescent skin. So with a LED UV Laser Flashlight, we can detect them with ease, no matter if its day or night. Check for broken glass pieces on the floor easily, reducing the risk of hurting yourself for breaking a glass. 

This LED UV Laser Flashlight comes with adaptable zoom, perfect for concentrating the UV Laser to a specific place. It is also lightweight, comfortable, easy to carry. But extremely powerful, useful, and durable. This LED UV Laser Flashlight also comes with a comfortable and convenient clip, so you can carry your flashlight on your pants, clothes, belts and so much more. 

Product Specifications:

  • *1. Shell Material: aluminum alloy
  • *2. Wavelength: 365 nm/395 nm
  • *3. Size: 91×24×18 mm
  • *4. Power Source: 1* 14500 battery or 1* AA battery(not included)

Product Specifications:

1x LED UV Flashlight Ultraviolet Torch With Zoom Function Mini UV Flashlight

365 nm, 395 nm

Customer Reviews

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This is a game changer !

Dim the lights and look around with this UV flashlight. You will see stuff that you never knew was there. So get out the antibacterial cleaners and get you home clean ! Everyone I have shown this to wants one.
It is UV so wear UV eye protection for example safety glasses made of polycarbonate. How to test: find something that the UV illuminates, move the safety glasses in between the flashlight and illuminated substance and the illumination should dim greatly. You will be so glad you have this. There are so many uses.

Please write a review and say how you used this UV flashlight so others can benefit.

Outstanding Powerful USB Charging UV Flashlight!

I am kind of a UV Lights collector. I have collected over 20 different UV Lights. This one is amazing. It's USB Rechargeable. And the power is stronger than most of others. Maybe that's why the head is WAY larger than the body, so the LED wouldn't be burned by heating. It's not cheap, nor is the quality. I think It's bulit to last forever if you change you battery several years a time. I would definitely recommand this to other collectors.

really good

Working as a Pest Control tech (UK), I've found this piece of kit quite useful in tracking rodents, you have to know what you're doing.
I use only the best torches in my line of work, Mag lite and Surefire.
This piece of kit, for the price, is good value.

Long lasting!

I've been using a blacked-out syringe full of UV resin and this torch to repair broken SLA 3d prints and near-instantly fill models.

I feel like my life is just better now.

USB charging is great too.

Best UV flashlight!

Great product! Best UV flashlight, durable, long battery life, which you can recharge, which is important for not buying batteries