Flashlight Torch Battery Lantern Waterproof Shock Resistant, Rechargeable


Flashlight Torch Battery Lantern Waterproof Shock Resistant, Rechargeable hard Light Bulbs 

Every one needs a bright light rechargeable LED flashlight. Make a complete physical exam, complete your working kit, and always with the best quality products. This rechargeable LED flashlight is perfect not only for work. But it is also great for your trips outside, hiking, ciclying, of camping in the wildness. These rechargeable LED flashlight have a great brightness in the smallest size.

Multipurpose Beamlight rechargeable LED flashlight.

If you are looking for a comfortable, portable, and reliable flashlight that you could use anywhere. This is the perfect product for you. It will change your life, not only because of how good it is. But also because it so easy to carry. Thanks to its strong and high-quality clip, you can always have it close to you in your clothes.

Doctors have a really stressful working environment, they spend long hours of straight work without resting, running and using all their knowledge. It is important for you to have a good flashlight, that is comfortable, lightweight, easy to use and most of all. Who’s charge last as long as you!

Great Quality

And our  rechargeable LED flashlight fulfill all your needs. With a single battery, you can have this great flashlight to work for up to thousands of hours. And because the LED lights are of great quality, they can last for up to 10,000 hours before damaging. This flashlight will be with you for many years!

And besides all that, this flashlight is waterproof and smash-resistant. Is there anything else you need from this flashlight?

Product Specifications:

Beads: Imort LED Beads
Switch Mode:  ON  /OFF
Lamp Life: 100,000 Hours
Flashlight Color: Black
Emitted Color: White Light
 Tail-cap press ON/OFF
Lens: Glass Lens
Case material: Aluminum Alloy
Battery: AAA battery (Not included)
Net Weight(g): Small: 20g  ; Big : 25g
LED Life: More than 100000 hours


Package contains:

1x Medical Led Flashlight Torch Battery Lantern Waterproof Shock Resistant, Rechargeable hard Light Bulbs Camping Adjustable 2000 Aluminum


Small, Big